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What is Corvus?

Corvus is a strategic consultancy that relies on history to advise its clients and partners. We are firmly committed to tackling the problems of the 21st century and do so by providing you with the best possible insights from the centuries before. We move beyond daily events to offer you the bigger picture - a picture that can be situated at the level of your organization or in the world at large. Corvus starts from your question, risk, or problem and then considers what history has to offer you.

Corvus was founded on the premise that history has an inherent value. We do not subscribe to the idea that history contains easy lessons or repeats itself in a self-evident fashion. Neither do we rely on cheap analogies. Instead, we stay true to what history can an cannot teach, providing you with new insights, original perspectives and alternative strategies. By doing so, we help you and your organization navigate the most complex changes.

What is our vision?
Who do we work for?

Corvus advises anyone who wants a better understanding of the world and their position in it. We offer advice to persons and organizations that are affected by local and global change; that want to diversify their strategic options; or that want to anticipate on an uncertain future. Those clients and partners primarily include large and small companies, governmental agencies, NGO's, and other societal actors. Following the best traditions of our historical training, we want to make history's wealth of information available to everyone.

Our tailor-made approach means that we partner up with the world's leading experts - historians and non-historians alike. Through our unique partnership with academia, we can also rely on the most recent insights in strategic consultancy and on the historical expertise of the University of Leuven - four years in a row Reuter's most innovative university in Europe and a worldwide top-20 institution for the humanities. In all of our work, professionalism and functionality are key.

What is our approach?
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