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Corvus and RETOPEA hold debate about applied history practices (09-03-2021

Bram De Ridder and Violet Soen will join a discussion with the Horizon 2020 RETOPEA (Religious Toleration and Peace) project. They will discuss different practices of applied history, ranging from docutubes to historical consulting. Click here to register.

Corvus and the Belgian State Archives host a one-day workshop on the role of archival expertise in applied history projects.

Violet Soen presents the lecture 'Toegepaste geschiedenis: Een nieuwe constellatie op het snijvlak tussen onderwijs, onderzoek en maatschappij' at the applied history workshop organized by New Political History and Advies&Actualiteit.

Corvus-founder Bram De Ridder was invited by Metaforum KU Leuven to discuss his recent Covid-19 research. Set in the beautiful 17th century 'Holland's college, Dr. De Ridder discussed the risks of historical references with Prof. Dr. Koenraad Matthys.

Julie Wynant and Bram De Ridder discuss COVID-19 for the Flemish noteriat  (25-9-2020)

Although the biannual 'conclave' of the Royal Federation of the Belgian Noteriat (Fednot) was postponed due to Covid-19, the notaries invited Corvus to share their insights into the pandemic during a digital prep-session.

Corvus to hold its annual steering committee meeting today (24-9-2020)

In his op-ed for the Dutch-language publication De Tijd, Bram De Ridder warns that companies should not underestimate the risk of identity politics based on the past. Several organisations already saw their products or branding targeted as racist or colonial, whereas others faced disadvantages due to the resurgence of nationalist historical myths.

In Transregional Territories, the early modern Low Countries are chosen as a ‘laboratory’ for studying border formation and border management through the lens of transregional history. Eight different cases highlight the impact of boundaries on the actions and strategies of individuals and governments. Crossing borders in early modern times was not merely an act of negating a territorial division, but rather a moment of intimate interaction with the separation itself.

During the KNHG online lunch seminar on applied history, the Corvus members explained their approach to applied history

Bart Willems discusses the archives of the Belgian Merchant fleet, particularly their background and how to gain access.

Bram De Ridder interviewed by Peter Van de Veire on MNM radio (14-5-2020)

As part of a TEDxKULeuven interview series, Bram De Ridder discusses the relevance and role of history during this crisis. Make sure to also check out the teaser for the interview, which discusses the historical precedents for viruses escaping laboratories.

Bram De Ridder's article 'When the Analogy Breaks. Historical References in Flemish News Media at the Onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic' has been published in open access in the Journal of Applied History.