Jelten Baguet

Socio-economic structures in an urban context. Democratic participation, elite formation and political empowerment . Universities of Brussels, Ghent and Durham. 

Andrea Bardyn

Socio-economic topics. Empowerment of women, minorities and people in predicament. Universities of Leuven, Freiburg and Brussels.

Bram De Ridder

International relations and politico-legal questions. Structure, change and process. Universities of Leuven, Cambridge and Harvard.

Ben Eersels

Citizen participation, democratization and lobby strategies. Representation and communication during crises. Universities of Leuven, Freiburg and Durham.

Academic team

Violet Soen

Peacemaking, diplomacy and religious conflict. Media studies. Premises of historical research. Universities of Leuven, European University Institute and Berkeley. 

Bart Willems

Archive and document management. Migration and contested pasts. State Archives of Belgium and University of Brussels.

Julie Wynant

Trust in public institutions and methods of applied history. Migration and colonial pasts. State Archives, universities of Leuven and Antwerp.

Alexandra Van den Berghe

Uses of history and applied history. Misinformation and media. Universities of Leuven, Ghent and Brussels.

Researchers associated with Corvus