Grasping complexity in all our projects

For any historian, complexity is part of the job. For Corvus, it is an equally essential part of all of our projects. We focus on making present complexities more understandable; on inspiring you with surprises from the past; and on making the future less uncertain.

Corvus has particular expertise in the complex worlds of borders, media, trust and technology. But we consider everything in the past, present and future as our playing field. Let us know about your questions, concerns and issues, and we will tackle them with you - or look below for inspiration.



The Corvus consultants and academic team members have gained particular expertise in all things borders. From migration to brexit, we understand the essentials of all things territorial.



People have always shared information. Some did so through printed pamphlets, others through television broadcasts. Today, Corvus uses its understanding of old and new means of communication to advise public actors and private enterprises alike.



Without faith in others, nothing happens in the world. Corvus team members study past and present mechanics of trust, helping organizations to understand and foster a positive allignment with their audiences.



Some claim that technology makes the world an entirely different place. But people have moved to those places before. We did not get to a fourth Industrial Revolution without at least three prior examples.



Members of Corvus have worked on many other issues as well. We have dealt with gender issues, matters of trade, and the influence of the past on political instability worldwide.

Let us know where we can help you.