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Corvus and applied history

Applied history is a term that academic historians use to describe history-based advice. Corvus has strong connections with one particular applied history project led by academics. This HISCON/Corvus project is based at the University of Leuven and the Belgian State Archives, and is generously funded by the Research Foundation Flanders - FWO

The academic connection with the KU Leuven provides Corvus with a double aim. On the one hand it wants to provide the best possible advice to its clients. On the other it has the mission to study the best practices of historical consultancy; to reflect on the value and impact of applied history; and to work towards publicly available guidelines for the advice provided by historians.

Want to learn more about applied history? Discover our Corvus definition here.

The academic engagements of Corvus are carried out through a range of activities. Members of Corvus perform original research in the fields of applied history and historical philosophy. They are also present at international academic meetings, where they present their research results. Corvus also regularly publishes those results, both in academic and non-academic publications.

Our research team members and consultants focus on the same topics and projects. This way, Corvus establishes a unique crossover between academic rigor and client-oriented consultancy.

Academic activities
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