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Finding value in your past

Corvus-report cited in 'De Zevende Dag'
World-Class Strategic Consultancy, powered by history

At Corvus, we believe in the power of human history. No resource is richer in data, more varied in outlook, or more suitable to learn from. And it is our pleasure to make this wealth available to you.


Relying on 5000 years of shared experiences, we help you and your organization to evaluate your strategic position, to consider history-inspired alternatives, and to expect the most unexpected. We offer tailor-made

services, informed by the best historical insights and produced by international experts.


Corvus was founded with a clear mission: to make historical expertise available for decisions about the present and the future.

Learn more about the vision behind this goal, about the partners that provide us with unique insights, and about the scientific method we use to give you the advice you need.



Analyse. Alternate. Anticipate

Starting from these three principles, Corvus offers a wide selection of services and products. Ranging from general presentation and information packages to in-depth analyses, we offer the format you need. We guarantee a tailor-made approach, working with rather than for you.



Besides being available for private assignments, Corvus regularly offers free insights on its website. Our experts are eager participants in public debates, sharing our views with the world at large.

Get a taste of what Corvus has to offer and let us know what your questions are.

Clients and partners across sectors

Corvus is actively engaged with over a dozen clients and partners. We have analysed contextual problems for government agencies, provided alternative solutions to private companies, and worked towards the future with the public and non-profit sector.

Our topics of focus include border management, the changing media environment, trust in public institutions, and society and technological change. But let us know what your specific questions are, and we are happy to explore those together with you.

Applied history as basis

Corvus aims to provide you with the most original insights in contemporary problems. Therefore, we develop our advice together with several historians working in the field of applied history. This way we can guarantee the highest standards for both our processes and our results.

The insights you receive are being created and tried by researchers from the University of Leuven (Europe's most innovative university according to Reuters) and the Belgian State Archives. Financial support for their efforts was generously offered by the Research Foundation Flanders (FWO)


There is nothing new in the world, except the history you do not know

Harry S. Truman
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