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Overview of future scenario's

Corvus Historical Consultancy provided Belgian border workers and companies with an overview of different possible scenario's. We used our experience in border history to discuss a number of options with the clients. Some features of Brexit were highlighted as changes present in all scenario's; others were linked as potential results of either a hard or a soft Brexit.


Increased certainty in uncertain times


The scenario's drafted by Corvus provided the clients with stability in their Brexit preparations. Although the future remained unclear, the history-inspired division between essential and optional elements of Brexit proved highly valuable. Companies could better assess the risks to which they were exposed; border workers could focus on essential preparations.

Brexit-induced chaos


In 2018 and 2019, the Brexit-process became extremely messy. The turns and twists of the British government exasperated Belgian companies and border workers. They were forced to adapt to each change, without knowing the eventual end result. Hard Brexit? Soft Brexit? Or no Brexit at all? Each possibility remained vague and uncertain.

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