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Reconnecting with the past

The first approach of Corvus was to restore a basic level of confidence by stressing the historical adaptive qualities of the organization. Building from there, we sought for historical tools that the organization could use for its own strategic reflection. Those tools effectively formed the basis for a collective strategic deliberation during a history-inspired workshop.


Restored confidence and a strategic point of departure


History provided the strategic processes of the organization with a new vantage point. Whereas earlier reflections had remained paralyzed by fear and uncertainty, Corvus succeeded in restoring balance. The platform we created via the past, offered much inspiration to work towards concrete  future strategies for dealing with AI.

Impact of AI on business model


With artificial intelligence on the horizon, one Belgian service provider worried about the future. The risk existed that its client-based approach would no longer be deemed functional, rendering the entire organization obsolete. Corvus entered an atmosphere that was explicitly described as uncertain and fearful.

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